Future Plan
Senior citizens are the property of the nation because they are the source of history. Their experiences, past memories, views are the source of inspirations. Likewise, their present status is the result of the past events. They have been spending their lives with various pains and suffering. At present, they are dependent and unable to do their daily activities themselves so that they need support, love affection, care and help. The have devoted their lives and sacrifie=ce their dreams in order to fulfill their children's wish. They always wishing only to uplift their children's lifestyle but due to their childrens busy life they are compelled to live pathetic life. In order tot give them support, this institution was established which target to reunite their family, to conduct health check-up, to provide entertainment and refresh them, to manage for outing, to share their past memories and to provide their day care service with day meal. Everyday it opens at 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. free of cost.

The main moto of this institution is "Serve the senior" so that we would like to request you all to support this institution. After successful/positive result of this institution we are planning to run "senior citizen home" in need basis according to it's physical infrastructures and economic condition.